When I make new carpets I get inspired by equivokes as well as from shadows, colors or anything else...

The rugs are tufted in 100% wool. They are manufactured in India or Nepal and they are of very fine quality.
Here only the carpets I have in Stock for the moment are visible. I have more carpets that I will only show here when you actually can order them right now!
So watch out!

Image: My first carpet from about ten years ago : Zen, a Japanese raked stone garden in form of a hand tufted woolen carpet.
Get your putt, unplug the carpet and give it a try:
jellyfish carpet 105 x 125 cm
jellyfish carpet 130 x 180 cm
jellyfish carpet 155 x 155 cm
jellyfish carpet 120 x 180 cm
cloud carpet
Now you can walk on clouds every day!