Urnatur in a few words

Urnatur HB is a family business. Urnatur starts out from our little farm that is the basis of both our inspiration & thinking and for foraging wild food and gathering material for houses, fences, our sheep etc.
We also live here in the main house of the farm with our daughters Siri and Tula.

Besides the little farm we run the "wood hermitage", an eco lodge, retreat, tree house hotel or natural design hotel... Whatever you would like to call it. Here you can experience Swedens wonderful nature and be part of it.
We also offer special events, genuine activities, a place for konferences and conventions...

Urnatur design is a collection of fabrics and textile products inspired by the nature of Sweden and the North, designed by Ulrika Krynitz.

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Hope to see you here :)
Ulrika Krynitz & Håkan Strotz